MRCOOL DIY 4th Gen Mini Split - 4-Zone 48,000 BTU Ductless Air Conditioner and Heat Pump with 24K + 12K + 9K + 9K Wall Mount Air Handlers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kristian Burgess
Simple and straight forward.

Product came on time, well packaged and with no damage . I am a contractor and I have had many mini split systems installed in the past by subcontractors..Daikan, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi etc.. I decided to try the Mr Cool version my self since no vacuum work is needed. Overall the install was fairly simple and straight forward. If you live in snow country like me, make a note while material planning that there is no wall mounting brackets, snow stands or roof covering included. I ordered a set of wall brackets on Amazon for less than $50 which, so far have worked out well. I also grabbed an inexpensive set of brackets on Amazon for mounting an aluminium panel above the unit to act as a water/snow shed.
I was not sure what the instructions are speaking to regarding the needed air switch? After speaking with (2) master electricians, they were unsure as well so I did not install one. I did however install an overload circuit protector on the breaker feeding the exterior unit to protect the delicate circuit board of the system.
The only head scratcher I had throughout the install process was the size of the receiving connector terminals for the Line 1 and Line 2 at the exterior unit. They are the same sized terminals as the small communication wire terminal connections from the indoor units. It was more work than necessary (imo) to connect the heavy feed wire(s) that link the exterior unit from the breaker. We got it connected, but I'm not sure why these terminals aren't designed larger?
I ordered longer length line sets than I measured and glad I did as there really wasn't a lot of slack left in the line sets when my wall units were all completed and installed. A good rule of thumb is more is better than less. One bit of advice I would give is find out how many ports your unit has for the option of future interior wall unit additions. In my case, I ordered a 27K BTU exterior condenser which had (3) ports. Included with my purchase kit was (2) interior units. Had I thought better of it, I would have attempted to order an upsized exterior unit for the potential to add another interior unit in my garage in the future, but my exterior unit only has 6K BTU's of unused capacity which is really not enough for my garage. I'll be ordering a separate unit for that in the future. I also plan to purchase another (2) systems to outfit the remainder of our two story colonial. Overall very pleased.

Kevin Myhre
Mr.Cool multizone install.

I have not completed the install yet and so this review will not be complete. So far all is going well. There are a few issues however. The first is that I was informed a wall mount bracket for the outside condenser unit would come with the order. It did not. This slowed the install as I had to wait for a bracket to come in. Next, the filler putty for the line set hole was nowhere near enough to fill the hole correctly. I would say at least double the amount sent would be needed to properly fill the gap for sealing. So far, other than these issues the install is going well. If you send me another review after the install I will give more info. As a last note I would say that I was disappointed in the exterior line set cover kit. It only comes in 12 foot lengths and all of my line sets are 16 feet. These kits are rather expensive and I did not want to buy 2 for every line set, and I have 3 line sets. That gets pretty pricey and it is a shame you don't sell line set kits for the different lengths of line set you sell. Thank you.



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