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I could not be happier with Home Outlet Direct's service!
The salesperson that helped me was super knowledgeable and helped me make my purchase. My appliances arrived fast and I'm ecstatic to have them!

- Susan V.

Based on 672 reviews

Love the wine cooler and ice machine we purchased for the space we had available they are perfect. The ordering and delivery went as promised. So far so good on reliability. Great purchase love the ice machine use it every day.

Cheap and poorly made

I have had this stove for 9 months, you should note that the 5-star reviews seem to be all from people who JUST got it and have not had to live it this stove. I had problems immediately because the burners would not heat up. The customer service did nothing to get me out a repair technician (said it would be weeks) so I finally fixed it myself. Now it works but the oven knob (they call it the thermostat knob) is a TERRIBLE design. They know it is a terrible design because they have a warning right on it telling you that you MUST push the knob in fully before turning or it will break off. Unfortunately the other day I did exactly that, I was trying to ensure it was fully pushed in but I guess it was not because the silly thing snapped off with minimal pressure. I could not believe it broke so easily! What happens when a guest or a teenager uses my oven? It is SO FRAGILE. Just an awful design. And as a final note, the burners on the stove top do not heat up very quickly and take awhile to get hot enough to boil water. I still don't know how long it will be to get a repair guy out but I am afraid based on my first experience it will be weeks or months.

This is THE BEST microwave!! I love it so much! It’s super quiet and so efficient. It’s in a class if it’s own. It really can’t be compared to other microwaves I have had. It’s so so much better. Again, I absolutely love it and it was worth the investment. Completely recommend. You will be impressed!!!!!

Great stove

The stove itself is outstanding. I searched this stove from many stores and only found it with the gauge from a few. The gas oven cooks quicker than electric and with even heat. The knobs are smooth and the oven fan is super quiet. The burners are consistent and easy to adjust. The different btu sized burners makes it easy to simmer sauces in the back but boil water in the front with 20,000 btus. I do have some issues though but not with the stove. Home outlet direct advertises this stove with a wok stove top addition and as an air fryer. Although a basket style rack is included, this is not an air fryer. I was upset to see that the wok attachment was not sent with my order … I never got it from them, but the stove is worth the price alone. Shipping was much longer than I was told…I ordered a month before thanksgiving, the stove arrived in my city at freight company days before but they weren’t delivering it til after the holiday and I needed it. I had to drive over and pick it up myself…and the freight company wouldn’t help me load or unload it from my truck….yet this was supposed to be white glove delivery. 5 hours of phone calls to get my stove and have 5 friends carry it into my kitchen. Overall, the stove is worth the price and I absolutely love it. Had I known about the shipping, lack of advertised attachment and the fact that this is not an air fryer, I would’ve purchased it from someone closer to the east coast…Home Direct is in California and I’m in Florida. The price is relatively the same from all purveyors. If you are looking at this stove, you will not go wrong. It is a nice commercial look and feel in your home.

Disappointed in Zline

We have ordered before and happy with that order , this time we ordered an in stained wooden venthood quite pricey and it came with a crack in it that was sprayed with a white substance which will likely not take the stain . I contacted them and was told they couldn’t find where we had purchased it even though I had replied through the email they sent me 🤷‍♀️ . Not very happy

You must build a cabinet first!

If you don't have a cabinet or don't plan on building one this is not for you. Was not complex to build but it is not a stand alone. I didn't realize this when I ordered this fridge. Luckily we were in the middle of the remodel and all I had to do was cancel a couple of cabinets. Other than that , I love this fridge. No ice maker , No water dispenser. But it does make an elegant chime when you open the door and is super quiet, you have to listen real hard to hear it run.

Switched the legs out on the 48 in stove

Very nice stove but this stove is solid and is very heavy and very hard to move around . We removed the legs and replaced them 4 in coaster wheels from home depot. The legs that come with this don't roll or slide easily. It made the stove a lot easier to manage.


This stove is top-notch! Stove top is fantastic, but the oven varies from the thermometer on the panel. We love our 8 burners! We are stillin the process of renovating.

We love our new stove! It was half the price of other retailers! It works perfectly! Everyone who sees it has a fit over it! It cooks evenly and is very easy to operate! Clean up is a breeze too! HOD was Wonderful to deal with and fast to deliver too! Don't hesitate to order from them. We are completely satisfied! Thank you HOD!

Z line

Nice appliances overall. Quick ship and excellent customer service. We received the wrong panel and they shipped out correct panel within the week.

Only drawback is the controls are rudimentary on the oven.

Zline autograph edition package

Shipping is a disaster.. just left it outside rain or snow it stays outside.. how is a customer to get it inside . We should have the option to pay to get it inside..

Forno 30” Review

Beautiful fridge and quality product..Freezer area is a bit small but fridge has a lot of space and roomy shelves

Great product!

Great product, good price, Stylish, just terrible instructions and very little... But easy to use, quiet enough for the power you get, no more smoke detector issues when frying!

Excellent quality and service!

From the ordering process to the delivery it was a pleasure to order from this company! Thank you.

Forno review

Home outlet direct was great delivery experience was great as far as the fridge goes the surrounding pieces were alittle difficult to install. The fridge itself works and looks great, more adjustability in the shelves inside and on the door would be nice that's the only downside I have seen so far,

Ask detail questions first

Esthetically, equipment looks amazing. However, pay attention to details which might be missing and important. Stove is ideal for people who don’t do a lot of cooking. No timer on gas range or cleaning options. When oven is on, no light indicator. This comes on when oven temp is below desired temp. Fan is very low and you may forget to turn off. Fridge door came damaged but love refrigerator. Dishwasher is awesome. Need to press buttons while open.

NO ACCESSORIES COME WITH ANY OF APPLIANCE. No one ask if I needed accessories. Luckily my spouse is an engineer and knows of these things.

Excellent for the Price but Design Flaw

Excellent design, performance and quality but clearly there are a few issues. One, you will need to operate the stove on BROIL for around 90 minutes in order to burn off the chemical smell of the assembly process. And the main reason I gave it only 3 stars is due to the fact that when you do run the oven on BROIL for over a half an hour, the gas knobs on the stove are searing hot to the touch. Definite design flaw.

Thor Fridge reveiw

Great (well packed) delivery, setup and installation process, and free of dings. Had it 3 months, seems to be operating properly.
A few drawbacks daily, there is a 3 second delay on the ice maker and water - No motor noise or other sounds while it is depressed, so once it finally kicks in you have already removed your cup thinking you need to hit again, and now ice is everywhere on the floor. Just takes getting used to, but guests will have to learn.

The digital settings between the drawers are hard to work and they don't activate when depressed and you have to push them multiple times (hard) in order to get the temperature change or other settings (hopefully we wont have to change those setting often).

If you are planning to recess it into a fridge cabinet, the doors open in such a way that you need to leaving it sticking out 8 inches just to open them, so once installed it is not in line with the rest of the countertop appliances - it sticks out like a sore thumb - poor planning on my part

Otherwise it operates at good expensive appliance :-)

Great Range! Very Happy!

We purchased the 36" Forno Capriasca and it works fantastic! My wife runs a home bakery business and needed more oven space. It took a couple of weeks for delivery, but was well worth it. The range was delivered safely and damage free. I appreciate the communication and service from Home Outlet Direct. We saved a lot of money and got a quality product. We didn't really like the Forno vent hoods and ended up going with a Zline hood. It works very well! Looking forward to years of service from our purchase!

Beautiful Fireplace Insert

I am more than happy with my choice to go with this piece! I searched for over two years for the right size and look and finally found it. It was shipped and arrived timely and in perfect condition. I absolutely Love the look.

Not safe

If you turn to ignite without pushing nob gas keeps dispensing out to stove without lighting which is very dangerous if it get turned accidentally

Love my new Forno gas range. I sent the picture to my son who is a chef and he is excited to use it in the near future when he will be going home soon early next year…