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Air Handler Types

Air Handlers are the fans found inside your home or room, that connect to the outdoor condenser. There are two types:

Wall Mount

  • Wall-mounted air handlers are the most common.
  • They are easy to install, energy efficient, and generally the most economical choice.
  • Designed to be mounted at least six feet above the floor and at least six inches below the ceiling.
  • Wall-mounted air handlers have a sleek profile and modern look.
  • These units draw air in through vents at the top and release conditioned air directly into your space through louvers at the bottom.

Ceiling Cassettes

  • Ceiling cassette are built directly into the ceiling.
  • They offer a more discreet appearance, resembling a traditional ducted vent cover, however, they can be more complicated to install.
  • An ideal choice if you do not have the wall space, or want the body of the air handler to be hidden from view.
  • Ceiling cassettes are high-efficiency units on par with wall mounts. If installed in the center of a room, a ceiling cassette can better mix the air due to air disbursement in four directions.
Air Handler BTU Rating

The BTU rating determines how powerful the air handler is. The higher the BTU, the bigger the room it can heat and cool.

Here are the recommended room sizes*:

  • 9K BTU = Up to 375 Sq. ft room
  • 12K BTU = Up to 500 Sq. ft room
  • 18K BTU = Up to 750 Sq. ft room
  • 24k BTU = Up to 1000 Sq. ft room
  • 36k BTU = Up to 1500 Sq. ft room

*Ceiling height, insulation, and local climate may impact the coverage area. For example, an uninsulated room will require more power than a well insulated room.

Line Set Length

Line sets are the cable that connects the condenser to the air handler.

We recommend to measure twice and purchase once to avoid any unnecessary installation delays.

*Note: A mini split system cannot have more than a total of 171 ft. of line set.