What is the Difference Between Manual, Automatic and Super Automatic Espresso Machines?
Shopping for an espresso machine? Espresso is not only a delicious drink filled with an exquisite combination of flavors that deserves to be savored to the last drop. It also has shown to have health benefits and makes the perfect pick-me-up to start your day. An espresso machine offers you a convenient way to enjoy espresso every day without the need to make an extra trip to a cafe for a costly to-go cup. But with so many espresso machine options to choose from, it’s essential to know what each type does so you can select the one that suits your needs. 

Espresso machines can be broken down into three distinct types: manual, automatic, and super automatic. Here, we’ll detail what each type does and the type of lifestyle each is best suited for. With this information, you can feel confident in your investment. 

What is a Manual Espresso Machine?

Manual espresso machines are exactly what the name implies. It uses a manual lever that you need to pull down in order to push water through the ground coffee. You’ll also need to grind your coffee beans to the right consistency with this method and pack the puck. It’s a bit of a labor intensive process and there’s definitely a learning curve when it comes to using a manual espresso machine. Be prepared for a good bit of trial and error as you perfect your hustle in pouring the hot water into the chamber quickly so it doesn’t cool down and applying the right amount of pressure for the perfect brew. 

Good for: The person who has the time and skill to produce the perfect single cup of espresso. If espresso is a hobby you’re taking up to tinker with details such as how fine your coffee bean grinding will be and how much pressure you’ll apply, then a manual espresso machine will give you all the control you want for your artisanal pursuits.

What is an Automatic Espresso Machine?

If all of those steps of manual espresso making sound like too much trouble, there are other options. An automatic espresso machine takes most of the labor out of espresso making. All you need to do is supply the beans and with one touch, an automatic machine will grind the beans, prepare the espresso puck for brewing and brew the amount of espresso to your liking. It’s that simple!

An automatic espresso machine will typically come with a manual milk frother. This type of frother uses a hand-operated pump, which pushes air into the milk chamber, making it rich and frothy. 

Good for: Anyone who loves espresso but doesn’t want to experiment with pressure and other flavor variables. This machine is the perfect fit if you don’t want to deal with all of the steps involved in the espresso process, but don’t mind frothing your milk by hand. 

What is a Super Automatic Espresso Machine Good For? 

You may be wondering at this point if it can get any easier than an automatic espresso machine, and good news…it can! A super automatic espresso machine takes convenience to the next level by providing all of the steps of an automatic machine but with the addition of automatic milk frothing technology as well. This way you’ll have the consistency of perfectly brewed espresso with the added bonus of foamy frothed milk, just like it came from an experienced barista! 

Good for: Those that love their foamed milk without the hassle of foaming it themselves. Particularly handy for parties or serving groups of people a round of espresso. 

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