Is De'Longhi a Good Brand?
De'Longhi is a name that for much of the world automatically conjures up visions of piping hot cups of beautifully brewed coffee and espresso. The name might not be as much a household name in the U.S., but that’s quickly changing as U.S. consumers fall in love with the rich, bountiful flavor that comes from a De'Longhi  brewing machine. Now it’s not just European connoisseurs of coffee who can enjoy gourmet flavor. 

What does De'Longhi Make?

De'Longhi has been supplying homes with all the modern conveniences that make life more comfortable for decades. Their products include heaters, air conditioners, slow cookers, deep fryers, and ovens. But what De'Longhi is perhaps most famous for is their line of coffee and espresso machines. You may have even seen Brad Pitt savoring a fresh brewed cup from the De'Longhi Dinamica Plus Coffee Maker, which is affectionately known as the 'Brad Pitt Coffee Machine” because of his collaboration with the brand. 

What to look for in a top espresso maker?

When you own a De'Longhi, it’s not simply another coffee maker, it’s a brewing experience built over decades of perfecting the art of coffee making. Their meticulous designs are built to be treasured pieces that exemplify the fine art of coffee brewing. De'Longhi  brings renowned Italian craftsmanship to the brewing process and pairs it with an unrivaled drive for innovation. All you need to do is taste a cup of espresso from a De'Longhi  machine to understand what all of the attention and brand loyalty is all about. 

Digging into the details of their brewing machines, De'Longhi can easily be seen as an industry-leading innovator with advancements like its patented automatic cappuccino system, which delivers a consistently rich and creamy froth for cappuccinos. Since consistent temperature plays a crucial role in providing the perfect espresso brew, De'Longhi introduced the Thermoblock temperature technology that creates a consistent brewing environment that supports superior flavor production. 

As you can see by browsing their line of coffee and espresso machines, De'Longhi is at the forefront of style and brewing performance. This is only matched by the company’s customer support, which ensures your investment will provide years of enjoyment 

Is De'Longhi a good brand?

De'Longhi has grown from small town origins to become one of the world’s leading appliance brands. The company began manufacturing in 1902 in the small canal city of Treviso, Italy. At that time it was just a small business, but as the brand’s reputation for excellence grew, so did its footprint. Today, De'Longhi is just one of the brands in the De'Longhi Group portfolio. The larger conglomerate also owns well-known household name brands such as Kenwood, Braun, and NutriBullet. 

As an international leader in home goods and appliances, De'Longhi is taking this influential role and translating it into positive actions, such as with their sustainability efforts which have already cut emissions by close to 20% since the inception of its program in 2018. It’s also focused on reducing waste and conserving energy within its three pillars of environmental responsibility. 

Although De'Longhi may not be a household name to most Americans, internationally, the company has held a reputation for high-quality and performance that’s been consistent for over a century. In the coming years, look for De'Longhi to become synonymous in the states for indulging in the finest cups of gourmet coffee and espresso right at home.

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