ZLINE 48 in. Professional Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel (697-48)

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ZLINE 48" Stainless Steel Wall Range Hood with 1200 CFM Motor (697-48) - Range Hoods - ZLINE - Home Outlet DirectZLINE 48" Stainless Steel Wall Range Hood with 1200 CFM Motor (697-48) - Range Hoods - ZLINE - Home Outlet Direct

ZLINE 48 in. Professional Ducted Wall Mount Range Hood in Stainless Steel (697-48)

$1,399.95 $2,799.95


ZLINE 48" Stainless Steel Wall Range Hood (697-48)

The ZLINE 697-48 is a 48-inch professional wall mount stainless steel hood designed to be both elegant and powerful, featuring the industry's only lifetime warranty motor. This hood is made from 430-grade stainless steel and is a ZLINE classic. Its durable construction, modern design, and lifetime warranty motor - a ZLINE exclusive - guarantee a range hood with a timeless design that will last a lifetime.

This hood contains many unique features, such as:

  • Easy-to-use push button controls let's you easily control fan speed and lighting
  • 4-Speed fan control (280/420/560/700 CFM) to choose the appropriate air flow for your cooking situation
  • 700 CFM air flow (highest speed setting) efficiently exhausts large amounts of air away from your cooking area
  • Dishwasher-safe stainless steel baffle filters
  • LED lighting illuminates the cooktop beneath the hood
  • Designed to fit standard (circular) ductwork for simple installation
  • 6 year parts warranty, life-time motor warranty

All ZLINE range hoods come equipped with everything needed to easily install and use, including two 16-inch telescoping chimneypieces, allowing a fit for most ceilings between 8 and 9 feet. For ceilings shorter than 8 feet, or taller than 9 feet, see table below for detailed options.

ZLINE is the industry leader in range hoods and stands by the quality and longevity of their stainless steel range hoods. The 697-48 ships next business day when in stock.



Product Specifications
ZLINE Kitchen and Bath
48" W x 27.5" D x 16.5" H
Chimney (Dimension):
13.5" W x 11.75" D x 16" H (x2) (Telescoping)

Chimney Short Kit and Extension(s) Available:
Short Kit (2-12") ~7-8 ft. Ceilings
1 PC Extension (1-36" + 1-16") ~9-10 ft. Ceilings
2 PC Extension (2-36") ~10-12 ft. Ceilings

Venting Size:
8" Outlet (Transition piece to round ducting included)
Airflow (Q/L/M/H):
280/420/560/700 (CFM)
4 Directional LED Lights (3-Watt)
Noise Level:
30/41/49/52 (Decibels)
High Performance 700 CFM/4-Speed Motor
Mount Type:
Wall Mounted
4 Speeds
Control Type:
Speed/Timer Panel with LCD (3 Minute AutoTimer with Delayed Shutoff)
Stainless Steel Baffle Filters (Dishwasher Safe)
19g #430 Stainless Steel
3 Year Parts Warranty

Model No. 697-48 (ETL Listed)


ETL Certified

Range Hood Decibel Levels


ZLINE Range Hoods are supposed to be seen, not heard. That's why even at the highest speed our range hoods only reach 56 decibels, which is quieter than your average conversation. Rest assured that your new range hood will not be interrupting your dinner party or when you're helping with homework.


Chimney Sizing


ZLINE Range Hoods are designed to fit the majority of kitchens right out of the box. Some kitchens with shorter ceilings do need a shortening kit or an extension kit depending on ceiling height. All our stainless steel hoods come with two telescoping chimneys to ensure the perfect fit. For our Designer Series hoods, we provide a one-piece chimney that can be cut to size. Watch the video to learn more about sizing your chimney.


Shipping & Returns

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Honest Review - Real Customer.

I bought the full Zline package from here (Home Outlet Direct). I will review the other items separately (same review) to help others (and Zline). First, Home Outlet DIrect was great. Good price. Good service. They seem legit and honest. Zline appliances are "good" but could be better with attention to simple detail. I own a pretty big company and it's the simple things that count and Zline could easily transition to being a true high end appliance name if they just paid attention.

First - here is the good stuff.

1. Great price compared to competition overall
2. Amazing look (great designers...bravo)
3. Nice full package deals (I assume these specials come from Zline directly)
4. Super friendly people on the phone there where you call them
5. For us, everything works properly "as advertised" with no manufacturing defects seen yet (1 month in).

Now the bad - and most of these are EASY to fix.

1. Instructions / manuals are embarrassingly bad. Tiny images with poor illustrations make them worse. Come on - get a REAL graphic designer and editor and make your manuals and instructions the best in the business. It's an easy fix.
2. Do you ever USE your own product? When I am setting the dishwasher just put an LED next to the start button so I know if it is ready to go or not. Yes - it beeps when pressed...but is the beep to tell me it's now SET or OFF?? I don't know!! Also, who designed the tines in the dishwasher or shelf heights (which are non-height adjustable). For $900 it's a poor miss. Again on the dishwasher, the bottom kick plate only covers HALF of the mechanical stuff on the bottom so you see pipes and screws from across the room. Why? FIX IT. It costs 20 cents of extra plastic. Lastly on the dishwasher, there are way too many parts the owner has to put together to make it functional. Go and buy another major brand dishwasher and there are 75% less parts to mess with. ANOTHER EASY FIX .
3. Now the oven. Why is there no temperature monitor? I have NO idea the temp of the oven which seems like a pretty basic need (after all - my car came with a gas gauge!!) Yes, there is a blue light that goes off when it reaches the intended temp on the dial...but the light goes from blue (pre-heating indicator) to off (temp reached). So, when you look at the oven - NO LIGHTS MEAN IT"S REACHED TEMPERATURE. Guys - make the light turn - say - GREEN when the temp is reached so I can look across the kitchen, see the green light on, and know it's ready. AND, if nothing else, add a cheap temperature gauge so I know the ACTUAL oven temp right now. Basic stuff people!!!
4. Again on the oven - why does the hot air vent blow right at my groin when cooking with the oven on? Direct the venting hot air to the floor, the bottom or the back. I know you need to dissipate the heat...but don't set my pants on fire when I'm cooking.
5. More oven: Have the symbol for the knobs on TOP of the knobs so you can see it. Right now I need to bend down to see which knob controls which burner / oven. It's a PAIN.
6. Now the microwave (drawer). The open / close are way too close to each other. Either make this button TOGGLE or move them apart. Also, move these buttons AWAY from the SETUP button. I fat finger the SETUP button all the time when cooking. Lastly, why do I need to press "time cook" and then the numbers? Let me press "4" then "start" to do 4 minutes rather than the "start" button 8 seperate times to keep adding 30 seconds of time until I get to 8 minutes.
7. More microwave: cleaning the inside (the top) on the microwave is next to impossible as the drawer is in the way. So, design it so I can pop off the drawer so we can properly clean inside (or do something that makes access to the inside easier for cleaning).
7. On the range hood: Why can't I just press "1, 2, 3, or 4" to start the fan speeds and then again to turn the fan off. I have to press a "clock" button, then the number to turn the fan on...and then the clock TWICE to turn the fan off. Asinine. Who thought of this?

Look, maybe I am being a little picky. The appliances function well and look great - but I run an American software company and I know that the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) are EVERYTHING on how a human interacts with a machine (or software). The good news is the fix is pretty much FREE and the good decisions made last forever.

Hopefully Zline - an AMERICAN COMPANY, TOO (like mine) - will read this and listen to my gripes because they can make an otherwise GOOD product pretty much PERFECT. I hope they listen and take these comments in the right way.


Very Nice Product!

Just finished installing this hood. Excellent construction with minor issue with discharge damper that was corrected easily. Operation is quiet. Adjustable lights allow easy focusing on different ares of grill. 4 speed fans pull smoke quickly out from grill. Very pleased with this purchase!

Looks great! Fits well.

I purchased this hood and the installation went well with some modifications. The hood looks great and work well!

Easy install looks and works great

Easy install looks and works great

Gorgeous addition to our kitchen

The hood fits perfectly into the theme of our 100 year old farm house. The option to add the stainless steel moulding was the perfect touch. We only have 7' ceilings so had to purchase the short ceiling kit in addition to the hood. We went with the recirculating option and while it does a good job we mY end up doing a direct vent as we can still set off the smoke detector! It's not a quiet fan by any means but it is great quality for a very reasonable price.

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