ILVE Professional Plus II Series: Full Kitchen Range Appliance Review

ILVE's Professional Plus II Series is appropriately named for the home chef looking to create some serious culinary magic. With many of the same capabilities as professional ovens found in high-end restaurants, this line was born from the Italian handcrafted approach to cooking that has made the country synonymous with gastronomic delights. Now that same attention to detail can be found in ILVE’s Professional Plus II Series, which combines high performance features with high-end design and style. And the best part? This also happens to be ILVE’s most affordable and budget-friendly line, meaning you can get a professional cooking experience in your home, without spending the exorbitant price tag commercial kitchens typically have to pay. Read on to learn more about the luxury details you can enjoy with one of ILVE’s best selling series.  


What does Professional Plus Mean?

ILVE 48-Inch Professional Plus II Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with 8 Sealed Burner in Matte Graphite

This luxury kitchen range line was created to marry premium materials with innovative cooking capabilities. That begins with the AISI304 steel, a premium material that is typically used in advanced professional kitchen appliances. ILVE took this durable material and used it to craft this line. You can see the professional inspiration in the design of the Professional Plus II Series, which sports a sleek, minimalist design that will give a streamlined appearance to any kitchen. 

The Professional Plus II Series reflects ILVE’s mission to bring the same advanced technology used by chefs around the world to create memorable meals to home kitchens. Elements like ergonomics and operability are paramount to the design, elevating the cooking experience for home cooks, whether they are meticulous home chefs or newbie cooks. 

Cooktop Options Fit Your Lifestyle

ILVE Professional Plus II 36-Inch Induction Range in Glossy Black

The Professional Plus II Series offers two cooktop options: induction cooking (found on the 30-inch, 36-inch, 40-inch, and 48-inch models) and dual fuel (available on the 60-inch model). Induction provides a clean cooking experience that’s widely regarded for its safety and user-friendly fine tuning of temperature. Dual fuel is also prized by home chefs as it delivers the cooking convenience of a gas stovetop with the precision and even-heating of an electric oven.

Ovens Designed for All of Your Cooking Needs

The 30-inch and 36-inch ranges feature a single oven, while the 40-inch, 48-inch, and 60-inch models include a large oven and a smaller one for added cooking capabilities. Check out the variety of features that are included with each model in the Professional Plus II Series: 

  • Quick start preheating means you don’t have to wait to get cooking
  • Rapid defrost
  • Oven door remains cool to the touch
  • Features triple-layered removable glass for insulation and easy clean-up
  • Tangential cooling ventilation and high density insulation allows you to cook without heating up the whole house
  • Folding grill coils simplify oven cleaning
  • Soft-close noiseless oven doors

The Luxury Look at a Price You Can Afford

With the Professional Plus II Series, you can enjoy the same sleek lines and high-end design typically reserved for celebrity kitchens and professional chefs. Not only does this affordable luxury range line give you all of the desired features like heavy-duty knobs, handles, and grates, but it’s also available in four finishes: stainless steel, glossy black, matte graphite, and white. With these color options, you can create a built-in look that elevates any kitchen upgrade to designer home status. All of this along with a price tag that is more than half of what most luxury ranges with similar features and specs typically carry. It’s no wonder the Professional Plus II Series has become a viral sensation for its good looks and satisfying price point.

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