About ZLINE Kitchen and Bath: A Deep Dive into The Fastest Growing Appliances Companies in America

About ZLINE Kitchen and Bath: A Deep Dive Into America’s Fastest-Growing Appliance Company

The US appliance industry is highly competitive and fast-growing, with an estimated worth of more than $500 billion by 2023. It hasn’t been easy for new companies to enter the market, but one family-owned business continues to break the mold. 

ZLINE is one of the fastest-growing emerging brands in the US. Locally owned and operated, they design and ship affordable but luxurious appliances all over the United States. 


Proudly Family-Owned with a Local Footprint

The “Z” in ZLINE comes from the company’s founder’s name Andy Zuro.  After working on his own home, Andy realized that it was difficult to find professional grade, luxury appliances at an attainable price point.  ZLINE was born to solve this problem. 


Based in Reno, Nevada, ZLINE first launched with a wide array of range hoods that come in a wide selection of finishes, such as copper and wood. Soon after, ZLINE used their design and manufacturing expertise to expand into ranges, dishwashers, microwaves, (and soon refrigerators).


After experiencing rapid growth in their early years, ZLINE opened an additional headquarters in Ohio, then a 205,000-square-foot, $3-million, distribution center in Tennessee in 2018. Focusing on their local footprint, ZLINE has created numerous jobs in each community they are based in. 

ZLINE parts are globally sourced from the US, Italy, Germany, and around the world. Manufactured with the highest quality materials, including hand-carved wood, and hand-welded stainless steel. The company has produced custom-style copper and wooden range hoods at a scale that is still unparalleled, with Andy Zuro still playing a lead role in the design and creation of their new products. 


Similar to how Apple manufacture’s their iPhones in China from parts sourced around the world, ZLINE takes advantage of a similar strategy. ZLINE designs their ranges, range hoods, and appliances in Nevada and assembles them in their own manufacturing facility in China. Their products are assembled to their exacting and high standards, with focus on quality above all else.


Are ZLINE Products Good To Buy? 

ZLINE embodies their philosophy of Attainable Luxury. Manufacturing the highest quality products at amazing price points.  They focus on producing professional grade appliances, while also offering a wide selection of colors and finishes.  Plus they manufacture kitchen and bath-ware including sinks, shower systems, and faucets that enhance customers’ homes and real estate value. 

The company emphasizes customer satisfaction and offers generous warranties on all their products. They have a large support staff based in the United States, so in the rare event there is an issue, ZLINE is there to help. 


Where Can I Buy ZLINE products?

ZLINE products are available at Home Outlet Direct, an Authorized Dealer featured on ZLINE’s homepage.  Home Outlet Direct offers free shipping on all orders within continental United States. 

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