About Thor Kitchen: A Comprehensive Look at Thor Kitchen Appliances

A Comprehensive Look at Thor Kitchen 

In the past, if you wanted to take the plunge and invest in a commercial-grade oven, you needed deep pockets. The THOR Company has changed that with affordable, diverse, high-quality kitchen appliances, including luxurious gas ranges, broil burners, and more. But the best feature of all has got to be the price tag. A Viking or Wolf professional range can set you back at least $10,000-40,000 or more, while THOR pricing remains well under $6,000 for their premium units. 


Where Is THOR Based? 

THOR is an American company based in California, which means that all of its appliances are built to strict US standards of quality and energy efficiency, all sold at an accessible price point. 



Where Are THOR Kitchen Appliances Made?

Like many US-based competitors, THOR Kitchen Appliances are assembled in their own factory in China but overseen by a full support team in the United States. This allows them to produce quality products at a lower cost than the competitors. 


How Much Do THOR Appliances Cost? 

The smallest 30-inch LRG unit starts at $1,699 (on Homeoutletdirect.com), while the larger 48-inch premium ranges come in at just over $5,000. A complete 5-piece appliance package will range from $6750-$10,500 depending on the size.


Are THOR Appliances Any Good? 

THOR Appliances is one of the highest-quality brands on the market. Their premium appliances are comparable to or even exceed the quality of their competitors in every way, except the price tag! There are two lines of ranges available. The premium HRG/HRD and the more affordable LRG lineup. (You can compare the two here). Both lines come with 2 year warranties. 



The HRG & HRD Range 

For versatile, heavy-duty use, you can’t go wrong with the HRG/HRD freestanding gas range. They are highly durable, and cobstructed with an easy to clean stainless steel.


The HRG comes in three standard sizes: 30-inch, 36-inch, and 48-inch. The 30-inch HRG3080U model has four sealed burners, while the two larger models are standard with six burners. The largest unit, the HRG4808U, also comes with a handy griddle. 


As a professional range, the HRG models are extremely powerful, with BTUs of up to 18,000. The burners are covered evenly with flat cast-iron grates and a central grid. A black porcelain drip on the cooktop makes it easy to wipe down and clean. 


The oven units have standard halogen LED lights for illumination and double glass panes for added safety. The real benefit of the ovens, even with the smaller unit, is the ultra-quiet convection fans which allow for quiet and effective temperature regulation - a big plus if you live in a small apartment! 


HRG stoves are available as all-gas (natural or propane) options. They are equipped with energy-efficient CalrodTM heating elements for even cooking and broiling and an infrared gas flame broiler for efficient heat distribution and searing. The zinc-alloyed knobs and nickel-coated racks are designed to last for years, and the simple structure of the oven makes it easy to use. 


The HRD ranges are similar in features and sizing, but they are dual fuel instead of all gas. Dual fuel simply means the cooktop is gas powered, and the oven is electric (this requires a 240v electrical line).


The LRG range 

The LRG range is more affordable than the premium HRD/HRG range. It’s made from stainless steel and is only available in an all gas option (with either liquid propane or natural gas). Like the premium range, it is designed for easy cleaning with a black porcelain drip tray that prevents contamination and rust. 


Unlike the HRD/HRG range, the oven comes with storage drawers where pots and containers can be kept warm. The LRG provides a high-heat capacity at the cooktop and oven for fast cooking, comes with halogen lighting and heavy-duty grates to quickly shift cookware from burner to burner. 


The oven is available in a 30-inch, 36-inch, or 48-inch size. 


Want to learn more about Thor’s ranges? Here is a deeper look at comparing the LRG and HRD/HRG series.


Where can I buy THOR Kitchen Appliances? 

Home Outlet Direct sells both the LRG and HRD/HRG lineups. THOR range at competitive prices. You can find them here: 


LRG Range: 48-inch, 36-inch, 30-inch

HRG Range: 48-inch, 36-inch, 30-inch

HRD Dual Fuel Range: 48-inch, 36-inch, 30-inch



While you might expect to pay an arm and a leg for a professional kitchen range, with THOR Appliances, you can access beautiful, practical, and luxurious commercial-grade ranges at a quarter of the price. THOR Appliances prove that you can enjoy all of the benefits and style without breaking the bank.


dennis bailey

dennis bailey

I purchased a full Thor Appliance package about 1 month ago.
The dishwasher was damaged by an independent shipping company. I turned in my claim.I had a service pro to my home within 48 hours. It was too damaged to repair, so they agreed to replace it, no hassle. I receive the new one within 5 days. Their service is really good!



Please tell me a package price for Thor
48’ dual fuel oven
Drawer microwave
Wine cooler.
Thank you

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